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What.... The Quilt and Needle is home to quilt designer Jessica J.E. Smith, who specializes in designing one-of-a-kind quilting patterns and hosting unique Mystery Quilt Weekend experiences to help quilters overcome their personal boundaries.

Who.... Anyone interested in quilts, anywhere in the world. For support and camaraderie during all of our projects, we offer a complete interactive online quilting community.

Why.... Have you ever said (or heard), "I love that quilt but I could never do that!"? As quilters, we often shy away from making quilts we love because we fear the process, hesitate to make the time commitment, or doubt our own talent. With Jessica's mystery quilts, however, you are led through the process one simple step at a time, not knowing the end product, not able to keep yourself from trying a fabulous design because of self-doubt. Her goal is to teach efficient piecing methods, freeing quilters to embrace their own talent without being overwhelmed. For those quilters who are not a fan of mystery projects, we also carry all of Jessica's mystery patterns after they are revealed (as well as her non-mystery patterns).
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outside the box quilt pattern

The location of our bunny is quite a Mystery!
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