Welcome to The Quilt and Needle

We specialize in one-of-a-kind quilt patterns and hosting unique online Mystery Weekend Quilt-AlongsHave you ever thought, "I love that quilt but I could never do that!"? We are here to help! Our mystery quilts are designed to lead you through the process one simple step at a time, not knowing the end product, not able to keep yourself from trying a fabulous design because of self-doubt. 

Mystery quilts are not our only specialty, however. Since day one, charity work has also been a great focus for us and our forum members, so we continue to grow our Quilters Give Back initiative. Our newly made-over blog, quiltHacks.com, offers weekly blogs and videos with quilting tips, tricks, and tutorials. Our interactive online quilting community, including a forum area and chat room, offers support and camaraderie, connecting quilters across the globe.

We invite you into our corner of the quilting world, to share laughter, quilting, and love.  


Jess, Mel, & Jeri


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